Cost-of-living adjustment in FY 2014 budget

Arkansas Governor, Mike Beebe, presented his FY2014 budget Thursday, November 15th that included a 2 percent cost-of-living adjustment. This is truly good news for state employees. The last cost-of-living adjustment was last received in January 2011.

However, the journey is not over. Now legislators have to pass the budget in the upcoming session scheduled to begin January 14, 2013. A.S.E.A. will send out postcards to members that can be mailed to legislators that state “SAY YES to COLA.”

If you would like postcards to pass out to fellow employees. Please send a request to Cozetta Jones at We will send out postcards in batches. It’s up to all of us to make this happen!


4 thoughts on “Cost-of-living adjustment in FY 2014 budget

    • So far the session has focused on social issues. COLA and Medicaid should come up soon. ASEA has been communicating with legislators to ensure a cost-of-living adjustment remains a topic of discussion. We will keep you posted as the legislators get closer to a decision.

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