Whistleblower Act amendment to reward state employees

Representative Nate Bell of district 20 proposed a bill that would amend the Arkansas Whistle-blower Act. Currently the Act protects public employees “who witness or has evidence of a waste or violation while employed with a public employer and who communicates in good faith or testifies to the waste or violation, verbally or in writing, to one of the employee’s superiors, to an agent of the public employer, or to an
appropriate authority, provided that the communication is made prior to any
adverse action by the employer.” Bell’s amendment would provide a reward to the state employee when the report of waste or violation results in savings of state funds. According to the bill, the state employee would receive a reward in an amount equal to 10 percent of the amount of state funds saved during the first fiscal year the changes prompted by the report were implemented.

HB 1043


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