ASEA News Brief: Mid-Session Update

The 89th General Assembly is well under way and nearing a close. The Arkansas State Employees Association has worked diligently to keep a close eye on legislation that would impact state employees in areas of employee benefits, coverage and/or compensation. Below is a list and description of bills that A.S.E.A. have opposed, supported or expressed a neutral  opinion. Bill are listed by number, legislator and short description. “HB” stands for house bill and “SB “stands for senate bill. Follow the links for more information.


  • HB 1815 Leding – Expanding birth leave to adoptive/foster parents.
  • HB 1814 Leding – Equality in pay.
  • HB 1244 Lampkin – CEAL act expansion.  Now Act 134.
  • HB 1044 Bell – Mileage Reimbursement.
  • HB 1043 Bell – Whistleblower amendment for reward. Now Act 211.
  • HB 1251 Sabin – Public/Private Partnership.
  • HB 1895 Catlett – Donate leave to co-worker with serious illness.
  • HB 1877 Wilkins – Expands cost savings idea.  Lifts cap.
  • SB05 Sample – Raises land tax for FC.
  • SB 952 Lindsey – Pay Plan Bill (not the funding)


  • HB1041 Westerman – Spending Cap.
  • HB1329 Lea – Reduces concealed gun carry fee.  Could adversely affect State Police pension.
  • HB 1418 Barnett – Dedicates general revenue to Highway Dept.


  • HB 1028 Love – Automatic COLA funding. Would affect Merit and Career payout.
  • SB 232 Key – Deferred Comp auto enrollment.
  • SB 105 Key – Technical Corrections to APERS
  • HB 2112 Walker – Protect state employees from a hostile work environment (shell bill)
  • HB 2132 Hammer – Whistleblower Act Amendment (shell bill)
  • SB 990 King – Concerning employment positions Authorized for state agencies (shell bill)
  • SB 991 King – Law concerning the hiring of state employees (shell bill)

Retirement Shell Bills – Bills that ASEA is monitoring

What is a shell bill? Because of the short deadlines sometimes there isn’t enough time to get a bill written in final form. If it isn’t introduced by the deadline, it can’t be considered. In these cases, a shell bill is introduced. A shell bill contains a nothing more than a title and section.


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