A Message to All Arkansas State Employees

untitledThe time is winding down for legislators to approve the state budget, with tax cut bills starting to take priority, legislators need to hear from you today. Let’s remind legislators of how important a cost-of-living adjustment is to you and your family. Below you will find simple instructions on how to communicate to your legislator regarding a cost-of-living adjustment.

A.S.E.A. is in the fight with you! As you make phone calls and send emails, A.S.E.A. representatives are also making phone calls to legislators to ensure a cost-of-living adjustment stays at the forefront.

To Call (from your personal phone)

When calling the house or senate simply state to the person that answers that you would like to leave a message for your state senator and state representative. Tell them that the message is to “say yes to a cost-of-living adjustment for state employees.” Leave your name and that you are a registered voter in his or her district.

  • Senate during the session 501-682-2902
  • House during the session 501-682-6211

To Email (from your personal computer or mobile device)

Subject line: “Say Yes to a Cost of Living Adjustment for State Employees”

Body of the email: As an Arkansas State Employee and a registered voter in your district, on behalf of all Arkansas State Employees ,I would like to thank you for your continued support of a cost-of-living adjustment. I and my 50,000 colleagues who teach, treat, assist, protect and serve the citizens of Arkansas appreciate your concern for our livelihood and our families.

To find your senator or representative:                

http://www.arkansashouse.org/members (House of Representatives)

http://www.arkansas.gov/senate/senators.html (Senate)

Please share this call to action with your coworkers. Call the A.S.E.A. office for more information or assistance with finding your legislator.


2 thoughts on “A Message to All Arkansas State Employees

  1. I copied and sent the message out to ASEA members in the Harrison area as I’m not sure how many actually get on the website and read the blog. I sent e-mails to my legislators. I hope other people did as well. Any further news?

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