AR State Employees: Merit bonuses have been approved

The news everyone has been waiting for….merit bonuses have been approved. According to the memo released by DF&A expect bonuses in paychecks received by June 28, 2013. Merit will be awarded to all eligible employees, including those in Career Service, Professional/Executive and Unclassified positions. Congratulations everyone!!!

Merit Lump Sum Payments – 5.7.2013


3 thoughts on “AR State Employees: Merit bonuses have been approved

    • Hello Meredith,
      According to the Highway Department it looks like you will receive a COLA, however; the commission will meet within the next few weeks and we will find out the official decision. We will keep you posted. Thanks for the inquiry.

  1. It`s good about the MIPS but state employees are still getting the raw end of the stick, reason 1: disciplinary actions against staff has risen 110% state wide since the approval, in which now state employees will be ineligible for the MIPS which of course the state save money and all the hard working state employees do not get a dime for their effort. reason 2: taxes takes most of it and state employees still have nothing they may get $15 increase in pay. That is a let down and a disappointment. That is why the Federal prison is getting out employees. We have staff on salary getting paid non salary pay with no bonus in site.

    We can treat our employees better than this!

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