ASEA issues statement regarding special session

Media Advisory

Little Rock, June 25, 2014–Each special session that is planned to address public school employees continues to negatively impact state employees. Unfortunately reports regarding the special session have left out state employees who face spouses being removed from plans, higher premium costs and added deductibles.

“It is unfortunate that state employees are considered as an afterthought,” said Executive Director, Danny James. “The state employee plan is not bankrupt at this time. Changes can be made during the regular session to ensure that the state employee insurance plan remains solvent. The special session, we feel, is inappropriate for our plan that is currently doing well.”

During the fiscal session state employees were denied a COLA. If received, however; the one percent that was proposed was not sufficient to cover the premium increases and deducible. On behalf of state employees, we urge legislators not to remove spouses from the state employee plan and find a way to fund the COLA.


One thought on “ASEA issues statement regarding special session

  1. Seriously! Give us a 1% COLA in 2013 then jack up out insurance premiums and make that raise disappear. Then deny us a COLA in 2014 stating that not giving us this will offset costs from insurance premiums and BLA BLA BLA BLA! Well if that were true, why then do they now want to jack up our insurance premium rates even more and/or make us drop our spouses from our insurance. It is so nice to know that I work for an organization that could give a crap less about the employees that work for them. Not to mention they want to blame it on the school teachers for all of this happening. Well I am sorry if they actually knew jack crap about how to handle and route funds then this crap would not happen. Thank you, Thank you very much for this. I already feel like I work for a company that thinks of me as their grunt worker and that I work for next to nothing. This just reaffirms those thoughts. Hope they all flipping sleep well at night…..

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