ASEA Announces Candidate Endorsements

The Arkansas State Employees Association (ASEA) is pleased to announce SEAPAC endorsements in the Nov. 4 statewide elections. An endorsement is recognition of a candidate’s commitment to the important issues of State of Arkansas employees. The candidates selected recognize that state employees are an invaluable asset to the State. The endorsement is intended to draw attention to the issues that matter to Arkansas State Employees such as compensation, mileage reimbursement and health insurance.  The 20 SEAPAC endorsements are:

Senator Bill Sample, District 14 (R)
Senator James McLean, District 63 (D)
Senator Robert Thompson, District 20 (D)

Democratic Candidate, Radius Baker, House District 52 (D)
Representative Nate Bell, District 20 (R)
Representative Ken Bragg, District 15 (R)
Representative Mary Broadaway, District 57 (D)
Representative John Catlett, District 73 (D)
Representative Harold Copenhaver, District 58 (D)
Democratic Candidate, Damon Daniels, House District 18 (D)
Representative Andy Davis, District 31 (R)
Representative Fonda Hawthorne, District 4 (D)
Representative Mike Holcomb, District 10 (D)
Democratic Candidate, Danny Knight, House District 41 (D)
Representative David Kizzia, District 26 (D)
Representative Sheilla Lampkin, District 9 (D)
Representative Homer Lenderman, District 53 (D)
Representative James Ratliff, District 60 (D)
Democratic Candidate, Frank Shaw, House District 70 (D)
Representative Tommy Thompson, District 65 (D)

SEAPAC is a non-partisan corporation, separate from ASEA that supports candidates on both sides of the aisle. SEAPAC does not make contributions to unopposed House or Senate candidates. SEAPAC does not endorse gubernatorial candidates.


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