Ask State Legislators to Stand for State Employees

Following the election there are new representatives and senators who must learn about the issues of state employees.2014-11-20 12.52.32

Let’s make it easy for them!

ASEA has launched the #StandforStateEmployees campaign. Field representatives will travel the state the month of December asking you to stand with us. You will be provided with mailers and talking points. The talking points that should be used when communicating directly with your legislators. The mailer features a message for your legislator. We ask that you mail one postcard to your State Senator and one postcard to your State Representative.

Please request postcards below. Include the quantity and address.

If you would rather email your legislators. Please use the sample letter to copy and paste into your email.  Visit to find your legislators.

Make the campaign trend!

When discussing state employee issues on Facebook or Twitter use #StandforStateEmployees. Let’s generate awareness and educate legislators and the citizens of Arkansas about state employees.

The goal—one message and one voice.

Let’s do this!


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