Legislative Summary–January 21

revenue tax meeting

Sponsor of Senate Bill 6, Senator Jonathan Dismang of Beebe interviews with David Goins of Fox 16.

As reported in the Dem-Gaz (see today’s paper), Governor Hutchinson is set to release his budget next Tuesday. To offset the cost of the $100 million tax cut some agencies will experience budget cuts. At this time it is not known which state agencies will be affected. We are staying in constant communication with legislators and attending various committee meetings to speak with and gather information from committee members. Also the Middle Class Income Tax Relief Act 2015 passed through the Senate Revenue & Tax Committee. The bill goes to the Senate next  Read Senate Bill 6.

In addition, in light of Governor Hutchinson’s announcement of the hiring freeze, ASEA reached out to his office to gather insight on his plans. Deputy Chief of Staff, John Gilmore stated that Governor Hutchinson, as he said during our annual convention in August, wants to get a “handle on things.” Gilmore also stated that the hiring freeze was extended from the previous administration, indicating the hiring freeze was already in place. Read Hutchinson’s Executive Order.


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