September 2015 Task Force Minutes

Workforce Retention Taskforce Committee Meeting

September 1, 2015

Cozetta Jones, Chair, called the meeting to order. Motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting and seconded. Minutes are approved.

Cozetta thanks Larry and David for attending a call in show with her at a local radio station (KABF) to speak about the taskforce.

Larry gives an update on personnel additions to DHS. Most employees will be hired for the call center and case management.

Ron talks about the DHS in home services cuts. He says Dept. of Health is working with OPM on helping find other places of employment for the displaced employees. He says in home services has always been a financial challenge to keep running. They serve areas that no one else serves because it’s geographically challenging or they take people who other companies won’t because they are no pay.

Cozetta introduces Mike Bonds, OPM filling in for Kay Terry. Copies of the draft survey are distributed if they had not been received previously. He said our goal was to whittle the survey questions down from the 97 we have currently to a more manageable size.

The first 13 questions are demographic questions. Discussion on adding an ethnicity question. Sheila asked about including the prefer not to answer in the demographic portion of the survey. Ron said especially when ethnicity is asked, it is included. Larry agreed to keep it in than exclude it.

Cozetta asked specifically if Parks & Tourism employees have access to email. David said no but that a central office could be set up for those employees to come in and take the survey. Larry said DHS would also have some employees that did not have access to email.

Ron asked if the survey would allow employees to skip or not answer any questions. Will it force you to select an answer to each question? Mike said that traditionally, surveys do not require you to answer all the questions.

Employees who receive paper copies of the survey will have to follow some sort of protocol to remain anonymous. Larry suggested a drop box for those and have a staff person pick them up after the survey time frame is complete.

Willie asked about adding transgender as an answer to question 5 but the committee decided to leave the selection as it is because more than likely transgendered persons will select the gender they most identify themselves with.

Larry asked if the survey would only be distributed to active employees. Mike said yes, only active employees and retirees would not be included.

David suggested eliminating question 16. Tori stated question 16 is an important informational tool for us. The question will be reworded but keep on the survey. Cozetta asks for confirmation that all answers as to whether an employee will stay or leave is acceptable.

Mike stated that the four most important questions to ask state employees are about morale, benefits, compensation, and supervision.

The committee goes through each question on the draft survey and eliminates or rewords questions. 64 total final questions were selected.

A.S.E.A. will send the survey out. Cozetta will send them to HR/payroll officers.

Once an employee begins the survey, they cannot stop and pick up later on. They must complete the survey.

David thinks we should get at least a 50% rate of return.

Survey will begin October 15th and end November 15th.

Cozetta will send out letters this week updating the Governor and agency directors about the taskforce.

Loy Bailey, A.S.E.A. District Director asked to speak before the committee. He stated he was happy with the questions on the survey. He thought the timing of the survey was perfect. One of the key questions he has come across is how to retain/attract good employees? What are the opportunities for advancement? Why are we waiting until someone is leaving state government to ask why they are not satisfied? He added that any concerns he had, the committee has covered and thanked them for their work.

Next meeting date is set for November 3, 2015.

Larry asked about the agenda content for the next meeting. Cozetta said it will include the preliminary results of the survey and pay plans of other states.

Meeting adjourned.


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