December 2015 Task Force Minutes

Workforce Retention Task force Committee Meeting

December 8, 2015

Meeting called to order by Cozetta Jones, Chair.

Minutes from previous meeting are approved.

Survey wrap up and next steps were discussed.

  • The results are out of 14,260 employees 7,379 finished survey, which is a 51% response rate. 37% DHS – a few more paper ones are left to be entered. DFA 66%, ADH 78%, and Parks and Tourism 63%.

In interviewing some of the directors, it’s apparent they’re really passionate about their employees.

  • They are concerned about state employees and they do want to see them recognized and paid appropriately.
  • We are happy to see that the directors care about the state employees.
  • One issue they’re concerned about is compression – both state and counties said they’re experiencing the same issues as others.
  • Other public employers and other counties interviewing will be completed – so far Pulaski County only one to respond.
  • Salary and health insurance are top concerns. Within the last two years, the county paid 100% of the employee coverage.
    • They do have a stepped pay plan in place within Pulaski County.

Waiting on reply from Craighead County to the question: “What are the barriers to retaining employees and what are they doing about it?”

Need to decide on an analysis type of all the data gathered.

  • Question was posed if OPM could handle analysis.
  • Taskforce desires to give the legislature some good recommendations.
  • OPM representative said they could analyze the data; then, the task force would give recommendations.

Question asked about what the surveys were showing, and most of what the respondents wanted to learn was computer skills and how to be promoted.

Setting other meeting dates/locations.

  • Southwest part, DeGray? Visitor’s center? Helena/West Helena, Arkadelphia, Springdale/NW? Fayetteville?
  • The desire and intent is to hit all four areas of the state.

Motion to let ASEA pick locations for next task force meeting. 2nd made. Motion passed.

Task force meeting adjourned and open to public forum. (For the audio files on what was discussed during public forum, please contact Shauna Carpenter at ASEA: 501-378-0187).


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