AR State Employee Satisfaction Survey Results are in!

The people have spoken, and the results are in! To see the document of all the results, click here.  And don’t forget that the next meeting to have your voice be heard is Thursday, Feb. 25th, 2016 in Hope! Follow us on Facebook to see the flyer for details!


4 thoughts on “AR State Employee Satisfaction Survey Results are in!

  1. Why weren’t all agencies allowed to participate in the study? I work at the state military department and we have no form of compensation other than the possibility of the COLA raises and hopefully the merit ones. My husband has been here for over 20 years and he makes 1000 more than the same position at Ft Chaffee. People can work here for years and not go up in pay because the COLA and merit are lump sum. There is no reason to work here for 20+ years and still be in the middle of base and midpoint with all exceptional reviews. The other thing is the only other way to get raises is through changing jobs, but, he for example, is a 118 and there aren’t many other jobs out there to go to from there. I don’t believe everyone should get raises because I have seen plenty that just do enough to draw a paycheck, but for those that do well, there should be a plan in place to get raises. It is also harder for us because our direct supervisors are military and they don’t know how all of the state system works and no one out here seems to. There also wouldn’t be as much job turnover if you knew your job and your pay actually depended on it.

    • Please see the most-recent update we have regarding COLA and the pay plan on our Facebook page. We will keep everyone updated there as we know more. Also, we’ll post the minutes from the public forum meeting that included more details about the new pay plan we’ll hopefully get in place later this year, as the Governor asked OPM to come up with new ideas. Hopefully we can have something in place to present at the next general assembly.

  2. There is a problem having Performamce Evaluation Scores as part of pay compensation or promotions because Performamce Evaluations are subjective rather than objective. Regardless of how hard a person works if he or she has a Supervisor who does not like them or is intimidated by their knowledge or abilities the Supervisor is free to give a low performance rating. Also Supervisors have been allowed to recruit and hire friends who have also been favored with higher scores. I have seen this happen to people several times during my 27 year career with the state. These subjective scores not only causes low morale and resentment but also cost the state the expense of employee time spent serving on Evaluation Review Committees.

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