Taskforce update

The Arkansas Workforce Retention Task Force has held three public forums with over 250 in attendance. The last forum will take place, date and location pending, in Jonesboro. The next step is to meet with OPM and compile all of our ideas and findings into a package we can present to policy makers. ASEA will set up meetings to present our ideas for a better pay plan and for retaining employees with the Governor’s office, both Senate and House State Agencies Committee, JBC – Personnel Committee, and with other key policy makers.  Lt. Governor Tim Griffin has been presented our ideas and he was impressed with our suggestions. He emailed us later and said he presented our ideas to the Governor.

Our attorney suggested we draft a pay plan/retention bill so that ASEA is doing the brunt of the work and hopefully make it easier to implement. We will work on finding sponsors this summer. Since we were heavily involved and also successful in the Primary elections we feel confident we can find support.

Lastly, it is very apparent through the survey and public forums that many employees would be satisfied to stay in their current positions if they received a way of moving up in salary over time. This would prevent “agency hopping” and improve effectiveness in all areas of job performance. We feel the easiest way and most cost effective is to reinsert Merit Pay to a percentage of salary so that good employees are rewarded better than poor performers.

John Bridges has developed a PowerPoint of our findings. If you would like a copy emailed to you, please contact him at: 501.378.0187.


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