OPM meeting update

Many of you have asked about the meeting with OPM. Below is the status and our thoughts:

We are pleased that Merit will be returned to a percentage of salary, as this was number one on our list. Career Service will also be included as a percentage of salary unlike in the past. These two together will allow state employees to move along their grade faster than before, and should help reduce job hopping. Another of our recommendations was included to allow local managers to adjust salaries if additional job duties are assigned. We are very happy about this being implemented.

Our concern lies with new hires receiving the bulk of the raises. Salary compression between new hires and veterans is an important concern for ASEA. We understand the need to attract quality candidates, but we also feel that veterans who have been patient through insurance premium increases and small COLA increases should also be rewarded.

We are asking for a carve out for veteran employees of eight years of service and more, with quality PE scores to somehow accelerate faster to their midpoint to separate themselves from the new starting salaries. One idea is to double down on Career Service payments until they have reached their mid-point.

We are working with OPM to see how many employees this would effect and how much it might cost.

If you have suggestions or concerns, please contact John Bridges at jbridges@aseaar.org or 501-378-0187.


9 thoughts on “OPM meeting update

  1. Michelle makes a good point. I wonder where those of us who have a professional license, i.e. Social Work, Psych Examiners, Psych Counselors, and Psychologist will be in the mix.

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