Late yesterday, Senator Bryan King filed SB251 to remove remediation as a function of institutions of higher education and transfer that funding to other state entities. A quick look at the bill shows that the monies would go to:

  • Bonuses for law enforcement officers of the State Police, Community Corrections and the Secretary of State’s office for completing professional training.
  • Yearly 1% COLA’s for all state employees as approved by the Governor.
  • ASHTD snow removal equipment.

In talking with the Senator King, he stated that there was already a bill that passed out of the House of Representatives that would end remediation funding (HB1209Lowery). “If they are going to take away that funding, let’s put it to good use,” he said. Remediation funds are approximately $13 million a year. We are appreciative of his efforts, and will continue to work with him as we continue our research.


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