Pay plan update

Click here to read the bill that concerns the pay plan (SB289):…/…/2017R/Bills/SB289.pdf

Fair warning, it’s 98 pages long. Regarding the strikethroughs, OPM struck certain things out so there’s more flexibility going forward in the future re: merit, career, promotion, etc., which means more agency discretion. We’re told this will run through joint budget this Thursday, then will be referred to joint budget personnel next Wednesday – which is great, because we are holding a legislative reception Monday night and we’ll be sure to tell legislatures exactly how important this is to state employees.

There are still a lot of stages to go, and a lot of work to do, but know that OPM, the Governor’s Office and ASEA are all working together on this.

As always, we update our Facebook page immediately upon hearing any news on this.



2 thoughts on “Pay plan update

  1. I would like to know why a Professional Geologist is classified as a GS 08, less than an Engineer (without a Professional Engineer qualification), which is a GS 09. A P.G. has to have very similar qualifications (a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, years of experience under a P.G., passing two P.G. exams-fundamentals and practical, several references) as a P.E. I think it is very unfair that a highly qualified, experienced P.G. would earn less than an engineer fresh out of school. This should be changed.

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