More updates concerning the bill that involves the pay plan.

In case some didn’t see our comments in an earlier post, here’s where we’re at regarding SB289:

3rd update: We met with OPM and they said the reason the career and merit sections were struck out was to create a hybrid plan that could produce annual increases to reward veteran employees. They said they plan to work on this all this Spring, so again, a lot could change.
Up next, we’re meeting with Joint Budget members.

2nd update (a reply): We asked about the strike out. The strike was due to the language stated it had to be in lump sum and this gives flexibility to award in either a lump sum and/or added to your base.

1st update: We are meeting with co-chairs of joint budget, the Governor’s office, OPM, and joint budget personnel regarding this. Please remember this bill just dropped and a lot could change. We are spending today learning all we can, and finding out more info, and have read all of your comments. Please send any further Q’s you have to our Communications Director, Shauna Carpenter at: and she’ll pass them along to John Bridges, so he can present them to key personnel in the meetings. As always, we want to get rid of salary compression and we want annual salary increases for state employees. We will keep you posted as we learn more. Thank you all so much for your concern, and your service.


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