UPDATE: SB289 passed out the Senate today 34-0! Near perfect since one Senator was absent. We know there have been lots of Qs about veteran employees, and they promised they’d keep looking at it; the 1,000 pool positions is there, and they’ll keep making corrections as they shape the policy. We’ll be there with your suggestions as well next week, it should run in the House probably Monday, we’ll keep you posted!

Recapping last week: SB289 was pulled down to add amendments. Language for Career Service lump sum payments was added, as well as reviewing the reclassification. ASEA was asked to provide a report based on our members’ feedback, and as a result almost 100 positions were changed.

This morning in JBC Personnel, the bill was once again pulled down for an amendment. After a recess, an amendment to add Merit pay back as a percentage of salary was added and passed out of committee.

SB289 headed straight to the full JBC committee and received a do pass. It will run in the Senate tomorrow. So far, everything is moving in the right direction.

We do not have anything in hard copy to post as of yet. ASEA will continue to work on your behalf and will keep you updated.


John Bridges
Assistant Director


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