Today’s personnel committee meeting

The highlights from today’s personnel committee meeting included restoring on-call and certification differentials for the Arkansas Military Department and geographic-area differentials for the Department of Corrections and Community Corrections. This does include Hazardous pay for DOC DOCC. It was restored but as of right now there hasn’t been an announcement but we’ll keep monitoring.

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5 thoughts on “Today’s personnel committee meeting

  1. Does this mean pay raises to ADC OFFICERS Getting raises? How about our Hazardous Duty Pay increase at Malvern Unit now?

  2. I’ve worked for the state for over 20 years and I also would like to know why those of us who salary is stuck in the middle of the pay plan range where not consider above those who are coming into the system for the first time?

    • This was considered as it was in our proposals from the very beginning and we discuss it at every meeting. Be on the lookout for our next newsletter after everything is finalized regarding the new evaluations, and follow us on Facebook to see more-frequent updates as we get them. Thanks for your comment.

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