Urgent! Meeting about proposals to reduce your retirement benefits!

IMPORTANT! ASEA is ready to defeat the proposal to reduce state employees’ retirement Cost of Living Adjustment!

Tuesday we are turning on our Legislative Action Center. This will allow you to easily send an email to the retirement committee members asking them to not reduce your COLA. We need everyone’s help! Keep in touch with our Facebook page here and this ASEA legislative blog for all the latest news.

Next Wednesday (1/23/19) at Noon we are having a meeting at ASEA’s office at 1301 W. 7th St. in downtown Little Rock. ALL STATE EMPLOYEES ARE WELCOME! This affects all of you! Lunch will be provided, and Executive Director John Bridges will discuss our strategic plan and how you can help.

Please RSVP to the event we created on Facebook for Wednesday’s meeting so we know how much food to order. Please feel free to spread the word!


5 thoughts on “Urgent! Meeting about proposals to reduce your retirement benefits!

  1. Regarding the proposal to reduce the COLA of retirement benefits for current retirees:

    I am not sure about the reasons for the proposal. I have not read anything to explain. Is it a question of continuing solvency of APERS funding for all retirees’ monies?? Please advise in reply.

    I can only say that I & thousands of others worked for State Government in various AR State agencies for years to earn all my benefits, including the COLA at its present level.

    I do not appreciate a reduction affecting me and so many more, and am disappointed that a proposal to reduce our hard-earned benefits has been made.

    I suggest you all better publicize all the reasons. A mailing or emailing to all retirees with explanations is certainly in order! Due process and good manners would certainly suggest that!

    Do not give only Facebook or Twitter notice, as I do NOT use those for electronic messaging! I heard about this from a friend & former co-worker.

    I should appreciate a substantive reply.

    I would like to know what APERS provision of our retirement laws & rules would legally authorize any reduction In retirement benefits payable or paid to vested AR retirees! Please!

    As a retiree vested in the retirement system, I object strongly to the proposal, for the record. I think it is a misdeed and an outrage to reduce my current benefits after all my years of faithful service!

    Thanks for your attention to this important matter. I do appreciate your reconsideration of this reduction proposal.

    Jean Langford, BSE, MA, JD
    Attorney at Law (Ret.), AR Bar #80086
    256-655-0496 cell & text
    Address: see APERS records

    • I believe you may have meant this for the retirement committee? Please call us here at ASEA and ask for John Bridges later this afternoon if there’s anything we can help you with or answer for you. We can also give you the list of emails and phone numbers of all the retirement committee members. Also, we are sending the printed newsletter out this week, and the email after that. One email has already gone out. Are you not getting our emails? All ASEA members can get them. If you’re not a member, please visit our website to sign up: http://www.aseaar.org Thanks, and have a great day. 501-378-0187

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