About ASEA

ASEA is a non-partisan, non-profit, non-union, membership-driven association that advocates on behalf of Arkansas state employees, and offers exclusive benefits to its members. ASEA’s mission is to unite all state employees to create a better future for employees and citizens of Arkansas through quality state government.

ASEA believes that employees are the most-important of state government’s resources. ASEA encourages high-quality work performance and professionalism by all state employees. ASEA is governed by an appointed board made up of active and retired state employees. This board represents all regions of Arkansas, and various agencies.

Check out our website for more: http://www.aseaar.org

2 thoughts on “About ASEA

  1. I would like a clarification if it’s possible. I have heard that along with the salary increase, state employees will also receive the Merit based on the PE for the 2018-2019 service year. Then I heard that they are both one and the same. Can you enlighten me or has a decision been made?

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